The Communications SDK is intended to simplify the process by which applications are enabled for connection to the GXS Tradanet service or any version of Enterprise or EDISwitch. The GXS trading community consists of over 100,000 partners exchanging 1 billion electronic business documents each year. The SDK will significantly reduce the time required to enable your product or application to become an active member of this community.

The software communications protocol used to connect to these services is known as TIP (Tradanet Interface Protocol).The TIP SDK removes the need to know or understand the underlying protocol and presents a high performance, robust, reliable and easy to use interface to the integrator.

The TIP protocol enables a wealth of information to be extracted from the Service about files that have been sent and received, including status tracking date and timestamps. The TIP SDK provides a simple command to extract these reports from the Service and automatically create an XML version of the contents. An XSL template is provided which formats the information for easy viewing in a web browser.
The SDK can be used at two levels: there is a COM based high level interface delivered in a DLL and a low level thread-safe multi-session WIN32 library.

TIP COM Object

The COM based solution can be used from any language that supports COM, including Java, C++, C#, VBA, VBScript, Word, Excel and Microsoft Scripting language. This last variant is probably the most significant for system integrators as it is available on all versions of Windows 2000, Windows XP and most versions of Windows NT and provides Microsoft Windows users with the same powerful capabilities that UNIX users have come to expect with Shell scripts. Windows scripting does not require use of any development environment or tools, yet the integrator can expose numerous objects that are standard within Windows such as SQL, FTP and SMTP. The TIP COM object provided with the SDK extends this capability and exposes an interface to enable access to any Tradanet, Enterprise or EDISwitch service.  

TIP Comms Library

The TIP Comms WIN32 library can be linked with any application by using a development environment such as Microsoft Visual C++. The library provides a way to totally integrate the SDK within an application. This tight integration can provide the basis for real time connectivity between the application and the service. When a transaction file is available in the application, the application can use the TIP library to instantly send the file and monitor the response. The status tracking information can be extracted and managed by the application enabling a fully integrated solution.